We currently offer four different products

1. Global Budgets Overview

This is our most basic data set. It includes the following metrics for over 150 countries

  • 2010 defense spending data in both local currencies and US$
  • defense spending as a % of GDP

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2. Country Snapshots

Country Snapshots are short reports that include 10 years of historic defense economic data as well as a brief overview of current defense budget drivers. Armed with this information you can quickly understand the important factors currently influencing defense expenditure. Each report includes

  • the four key defense budget components: personnel, O&M, procurement and R&D
  • macroeconomic variables affecting defense outlays
  • charts
  • a review of current budget drivers

To see what we mean Click Here for a sample Country Snapshot.

3. Country Briefings

Country Briefings are much more detailed and available on request. Each briefing includes a comprehensive top-down analysis of the important developments and trends that will shape a country’s defense budget over the next five years, including factors such as

  • the impact of macroeconomics on government finances
  • how the defense sector will be affected
  • defense as a government spending priority
  • data on four key defense budget components: personnel, O&M, procurement and R&D
  • budget allocation by service
  • a five year spending forecast

The briefings themselves are concise and to the point and don’t include any fluff, filler, meaningless graphics or regurgitated cut and pasting from mainstream open sources.

Our goal is that each Country Briefing will give readers the most accurate and up to date defense budget data available, uncover the most important current and future trends and highlight the primary risks to existing forecasts.

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4. Consultancy Projects

If you have a particular requirement that is not covered by either our Country Snapshot or Country Briefing series then please contact to discuss how we may be able to help.

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